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Case Studies

We have a lot of experience supporting health and social care organisations and services, have a read of our case studies to see what we have done and how we have done it.

Bid Management

In early 2021, we were commissioned by a GP Federation to provide bid management support to bid for delivering cancer screening services.  As part of this project, we were tasked with meeting with all of the team members who had worked on the original pilot service to understand what worked and didn’t work, how the service may be improved should the bid be successful and how this could be delivered to those communities who did not engage with cancer screening services.  DKJ collated all of the feedback and working with the GP Federation designed a service model which was included within the final bid which we wrote.  The client was delighted with the feedback received from the team members and how this was incorporated into the final bid.

Bid Management

In 2020, we delivered full bid management provision on a range of services for a major GP collaborative bidding to deliver Integrated Urgent Care services across South West London. The collaborative were a nascent organisation and we was able to provide additional support on service design and compliance issues to ensure that the GP collaborative could quickly mobilise their services on the award of contract.

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Bid Management

In mid-2019, required the end-to-end bid management and development of content for a community pharmacy and procurement service in the Huntingdon area. The tender required the development of a comprehensive understanding of all elements of service delivery from drug buying practices to in-clinic support and home delivery models

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Bid Management

In late 2018, our client, a community services provider, was appointed to manage and deliver elements of the National Diabetes Prevention Programme (NDPP) across several areas following a successful tender process. Key to the success was the localisation we were able to apply to the tender submission as a result of extensive research and engagement with key stakeholders who were expected to deliver the service in partnership with our client.

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Service Modelling & Bid Writing

In 2019, we were commissioned to support a community pharmacy to bid for a new HIV service across the East of England.

As part of the project we provided a full bid management service and content development alongside development of the service model as this was a new service.

The bid management service included developing a bid plan, coordinating Subject Matter Experts, confirming that statutory and mandatory information was up to date and compliant and making sure key deadlines were met.

As the service was new, we project managed a series of service modelling workshops. During these sessions, we story boarded the end to end delivery of the service and articulated this within the tender so that the commissioners could understand in plain English the service they would receive.

This was a successful bid and the client are now delivering this service across the contract region stretching from Kings Lynn south to Cambridge and East to the Suffolk coast.

We have been recommissioned by the client for further bid management support.

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Health Inequalities
Setting Up Community Group Services

We have set up and mobilised services for community groups including the BAME women’s service, LGBT social network and the Hull and East Riding Equality Network. All of these community groups have been able to act as a feedback mechanism, for public and private sector organisations, to make sure that all populations have been heard. They’ve also had direct impact on service provision for example in East Riding of Yorkshire CCG’s Unplanned Care Strategy and Hull CCG’s Maternity Services.

We work with community groups and populations nationally, using the skills we have developed, to provide meaningful feedback for those whose views we are capturing and those who are seeking these views to improve their services.

Health and social care services should be available for all our communities and is something we’re very passionate about here at DKJ. Pre-Covid, Kiran was requested to be an expert speaker on dementia services for BAME and LGBTQI+ communities in the East Riding which included hosting a workshop for attendees at the local dementia conference, aimed at encouraging service managers to consider these communities when developing services.

Health Inequalities
Coordinating Refugee Services

DKJ coordinated a Syrian Refugee Programme in the North West between 2017-2020. DKJ worked with the arrival and integration of Syrian Refugees in North West England and supported a local authority and NHS organisations with pre-arrival organisation including learning and development around what to expect and the Syrian culture; arrival of the Syrian families and support with the intensive two-week orientation and consequent requirements after the this period.

Health Inequalities
Health Needs Assessment for Hard to Reach/Seldom Heard Groups

We have conducted many Health Needs Assessments (HNAs) for diverse communities including gypsy and traveller populations, BAME communities and LGBTQI+ communities, for local authorities and clinical commissioning groups.

Our aims are always to achieve the following outcomes for each HNA:

  • raise the profile of the health needs of the community group in order to inform and influence commissioners
  • describe what is currently understood about the health needs of this client group
  • determine what the gaps in information are and make recommendations to improve local understanding of health needs
  • to make recommendations to improve health and access to health care for the community groups and populations.

DKJ was brought in to conduct social engagement with Hard to Reach communities including BAME women, LGBT older community, people living a learning disability, those with partial or full hearing loss, religious groups and wider BAME and LGBT groups within the Hull and East Riding area.

We have been able to engage these groups and communities to provide feedback on several health care service changes including a response to the Urgent Care Strategy and internal public sector working practices. We have also supported these groups, working with Humberside Police, in reporting hate crimes and incidents.

CQC Compliance Support

During 2021 we have supported several GP Practices who have been rated as ‘required improvement’ to make sure that they are CQC ready. 

By utilising the GP Resilience Funding which is available to all practices, DKJ Associates have worked with GP Partners and their Practice Managers to complete a thorough mock inspection of their practice, developed an action plan and have helped implement any immediate actions which may be required.  We have added value to the process by providing peer to peer support to Practice Manager’s and for GP Partners whereby we have set up and facilitated meetings with between the practice GP Partners and DKJ GP Partners who run a ‘Good’ Practice.

Our clients have found this process extremely positive and have been delighted with the peer to peer support they have received as this has provided assurance to them. This work is ongoing.

CQC Compliance Support
Mock CQC Inspections

In early 2020, DKJ were commissioned by a CCG to undertake a 2-day mock inspection for each of their 24 GP practices. Many were at risk of either being rated ‘inadequate’ or ‘requiring improvement’ therefore the aim of the project was to work with each practice to make sure that they would rate as ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’.

Due to the pandemic, we were only able to complete 11 of the mock inspections. However, the feedback we received from each of the practices was that they had found the targeted approach to the onsite visit extremely helpful and the follow up action plan useful. Some of those initial GP practices have since gone on to be rated as ‘good’.

CQC Compliance Support

In early 2021, DKJ were commissioned by a Practice Group in the North to support them with their CQC rebuttal.  Some of the practices had been rated as ‘required improvement’ therefore we were asked to support the group as CQC experts to make sure that the CQC inspection was factually correct and provide a factual report on our findings.

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CQC Compliance Support

In 2019, DKJ were commissioned by a ‘failing’ GP Practice in Yorkshire to complete a mock CQC audit and ensure that all policies, procedures and protocols were up to date and fit for purpose for an imminent CQC inspection.  We completed the audit and updated all of the required evidence which led to the practice being rated as ‘good’ by CQC.  As a result, we were asked to support the practice for a further 12 months as a practice management consultant in all aspects of practice management including CQC activities, finance, HR and business services.

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CQC Registration Support

In late 2020, we were commissioned by a  London based clinical lead to support them with setting up a primary care service within their local area.  We worked with the clinician to set up a limited company so they can bid for contracts, registered them with the CQC and developed all their key policies, procedures and protocols.  This work is still ongoing.

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CQC Registration Support

In early 2021, we were commissioned by an online women’s health care provider to support them with their CQC registration.  We supported the organisation with developing a full range of policies and procedures that were robust for CQC purposes and provided coaching for their Registered Manager application.

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CQC Registration Support

In mid-2020, DKJ were commissioned by an online primary care service in registering them with the CQC.  As part of this, we supported the provider with all aspects of registration including development of key documents such as the Statement of Purpose and policies and procedures.  We also helped with the Registered Manager application.

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Learning & Development

Equality Diversity and Inclusion Training

In 2019, we were commissioned by a CCG to develop and deliver training to their staff members on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion with a specific focus on perceptions and unconscious bias.  The aim of the training was to;

  • Challenge staff to acknowledge any subconscious biases and tendency to stereotype
  • Understand how prejudices manifest themselves as active discrimination or inactive discrimination
  • Highlight any inappropriate actions and how to challenge such behaviours in others

What We Did!

Following discussions with the Head of Corporate Services we developed the training which would achieve the learning outcomes of:

  • A good basic understanding of the issues and legal requirements relating equality, diversity and inclusion
  • An awareness that just because people are ‘equal’ does not mean that they are the same as each other, or that their needs are the same
  • A clear understanding of CCG expectations for staff to treat their colleagues, patients, carers and visitors with respect and dignity – according to their diverse needs.

As part of the 2 hour sessions, we encouraged learners to explore issues around stereotypes, prejudice and discrimination. In order to engage participants in what could be a potentially difficult activity, this was done in an interactive and honest way.


We received excellent feedback with many of the delegates indicating that they had been given they had been given the ‘headspace’ to ask those difficult questions and gain a deeper understanding of the some of the current issues. On the whole, it is given attendees a better understanding of equality and diversity legislation, but also an increased awareness of how individual behaviour, prejudices and stereotypes impact on organisational life.

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Learning & Development

Training for Staff and Governors

In early 2020, we were commissioned by an Academy to deliver a learning and development programme for an educational Academy group focusing on

  • Governor and SLT duties under the Equality Act 2010
  • A School’s duty to report Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)
  • British Values and How to Embed this into a school setting

We delivered the programme through a mix of face to face and online training (due to the pandemic) and effectively provided new information to Governors and Staff within the Academy which allowed them to understand the wider issues concerning the Equality and Diversity agenda.


“The quality of training delivered by DKJ Support Services is exceptional.  The Governors and I were supportively ‘challenged’ during training and encouraged to grapple with moral and professional dilemmas in a non-threatening way.  This ensured all Governors had the opportunity to explore personal opinions, values and beliefs and agree on a common way forward.  I have no hesitation in recommending the services of DKJ to other schools and educational establishments.”

Sarah Bone, Headteacher Headlands School, Bridlington

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Learning & Development

Bid Writing Masterclasses

In late 2019, we were commissioned by a Local Enterprise Partnership to deliver a series of bid writing masterclasses for businesses ranging from startups to well established organisations.  The aim of the sessions was to provide businesses with a ‘hands on’ overview of what the tendering process is and how to write a good bid.

Bid Writing Masterclasses – What We Did.

Using our considerable experience supporting a range of businesses, we developed a masterclass focusing on:

Understanding the public sector procurement process

  • What is it?
  • How does it affect you?
  • What opportunities will you be looking for?

How to find the opportunities?

  • Where can you find them?
  • What does all the information mean?
  • How to navigate the portals.

What do you need to get started?

  • Service model – can you articulate it?
  • Policies, plans and procedures
  • Financials and references

Let’s Go!

  • Getting the story right – win themes and story boarding
  • Structure – how to make your bid standout
  • Submission

At the end of the session, each delegate had written a model to answer to a generic tender questions which they could  use in a ‘live’ tender.

Bid Writing Masterclasses – Outcomes

The masterclass sessions was delivered to over 60 delegates with great feedback from all who had attended.

We have since been commissioned to deliver various masterclasses on a range of business topics across the North.

“Good knowledge from Kiran, has made me want to write a bid and not be put off”

“Great workshop, very informative & delivered well”

“Today was superb and excellent overall”

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Learning & Development

In 2021, DKJ has facilitated several workshops with primary care networks (PCN) with the aim being to develop Pan PCN projects utilising the Additional Reimbursable Roles Scheme (ARRS) funding.

The workshops have covered a magnified look at the patient population and health inequalities across all four PCN’s, determining commonalities and key themes, understanding the roles currently employed by the four PCNs and what roles they would require for any such Pan PCN projects.  At the end of the workshops, DKJ have been able to develop a Pan PCN strategy focusing on a specific and agreed project which all PCN’s have signed up.

Our clients have found the facilitated workshops informative and useful as by having an independent facilitator has allowed honest discussions to be held.

Interim Management Support

Practice Management Consultancy

In 2020, following supporting a GP Practice with their CQC documentation we were asked to support the GP Practice for a further 12 months acting as their practice manager whilst a new one was recruited.  We provided full practice management support including line management, HR functions, updating of employee contracts and refreshing policies, procedures and processes. At the end of the 12 months, we had recruited, onboarded and embedded a new Practice Manager and had improved the secured a ‘good’ CQC rating for the practice.

Interim Management Support


From 2016 to 2020, we were commissioned by a private organisation who provided services to the NHS and social care sectors to act as their Recruitment Manager.  The role was an interim role as the organisation had grown exponentially and required expert support whilst they managed this growth.  During the interim period, we recruited over 500 staff delivering 89 NHS and social care contracts through refreshing the recruitment and onboarding processes, ensuring employment checks were robust, proper induction and training was provided and contracts were delivered by the best staff within the sector.

Interim Management Support

Practice Management Capacity Support

In 2021, using the Resilience Funding, DKJ was commissioned by a group practice to support with ensuring their practices were CQC compliant including ensuring that their registration documents, partner details and statement of purpose was up to date.  Following this, we have been requested to undertake a mock CQC inspection following the new process to ensure that the practices are CQC ready.  Our DKJ Associates have also supported the practice in getting their ‘house in order’ by having a deep dive look at their finances, HR policies and procedures and ensuring legal requirements such as the Partnership Agreement is up to date.