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We work with all types of organisations to make sure that their key governance documents are legally compliant. This includes Articles of Association or policies, practices and procedures.

We also make sure that organisation’s are ‘inspection ready for example Ofsted or CQC.

Registration Support

We know that registering with CQC can be a lengthy and often difficult process. We can help make the registration process manageable by:

Specific help with identifying your service model and organisation structure.
Casting a critical eye or developing key documentation which needs to be submitted such as the Statement of Purpose.
Helping with the Registered Managers process.

We will help from the start to the end of the process or anywhere in between.

Policies and Procedures

We know that it is important that you have the most up to date policies and procedures underpinning your organisation.

Having these in place will make sure that your staff, patients and clients understand how your organisation operates, your values as a business and that CQC and other inspectors are assured that you have the right checks and balances in place.

We can help you with all your policies and procedures by:

  • Developing and writing these for registration purposes.
  • Being a critical friend and making sure that they are up to date and meet current legislation and policy decisions
  • Help implement the policies and procedures within your organisation.

We can make policies and procedures fun!

Mock CQC Inspections & Compliance Audits

The best way to take the stress out of an impending inspection is to have an impartial person come and do a mock inspection or compliance audit.

Compliance Audit

We deliver mock CQC inspections however as we believe in maximizing your time, we will focus on the areas where you would like extra support with for example if you would like some additional help around the Wellbeing Key Line of Enquiry, we can deep dive into these questions so that you are confident that you can meet these requirements on inspection day.

Mock CQC Inspection

We can provide a full CQC mock audit over two days where we will focus on the entire CQC process covering the five key questions that form the basis of your CQC rating.  We will spend a day (or however long you require!) on site and will produce a full compliance audit and action plan with suggested areas of improvement.

We are here to hand hold you through your CQC or other compliance inspections.

Interim Management Support

We have a lot of expertise in providing management – operational and strategic – support within the health and social care environment.

We are able to provide interim management support to your organisation be it parachuting in a practice manager for your GP Practice or project management support in your primary care network for developing a clinical pathway with your ICS or covering a short-term absence for your bid manager.

We are here to provide a pair of hands to help your organisation.

Organisational Review and Implementation

We work with organisations to look at an inefficient procedure,  for example streamlining a particular process they may have, identify an issues or bottlenecks, propose and agree a solution and implement the solution.

By doing this ensures that the process or procedure becomes more efficient as barriers have been removed.

We have recently worked with AA Global Language Services to simplify their recruitment processes.

Case Study

General Practice CQC Mock Inspection

In early 2020, we were commissioned by a CCG to undertake a 2 day mock inspection for each of their 24 GP Practices.

It has been found by the CCG that many of the GP Practices within the area had been at risk of either being rated inadequate or requiring improving therefore the aim of the project was to work with each practice to make sure that they would rate as good or outstanding.

What we did.

Prior to the onsite visit, we contacted each of the GP Practice’s to introduce ourselves and explain what they should expect from the visit.

As health and social care specialists, we understand that GP’s are busy therefore we asked the practice whether they wanted a full mock CQC audit or if they had KLOE areas which they wanted to specifically focus on. By using this approach, GP Practices had the opportunity to engage with us before the onsite visit and reassure themselves that the day would be meaningful for them.

During the onsite visit, we discussed with the Practice Manager and GP Partners the area of concern and worked through a CQC KLOE checklist to make sure that all documentation, procedures and protocols would meet CQC requirements. Advice and guidance was provided where needed on the day.

After the visit, we completed a CQC KLOE checklist, developed an action plan for areas of improvement for each GP Practice and provided several template policies which was sent to the Practice within 5 days.

In order to provide context, we offered a follow up call should the GP Practice require it of which all of those we visited did take up the offer.


Due to the pandemic, we were only able to complete 11 of the mock inspections. However, the feedback we received from each of the practices was that they had found the targeted approach to the onsite visit extremely helpful and the follow up action plan useful.

Some of the GP Practices had their CQC inspections following our visits and had been rated as ‘good’.

We hope to continue with the remainder of the mock inspections later in 2020.