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Syrian Refugee Programme – North West

The Government has agreed to resettle 20,000 Syrian refugees due to the tragic events unfolding in their country currently.  The first families have been arriving across the country and we have been supporting a council in the North West with their first cohort of families in the past few months.

We have supported by providing cultural awareness to staff who will be working with families and coordinating language speakers to support the families through the crucial first two weeks of their new lives in Britain.

Last week, we met the new families at the airport and worked with the Red Cross to ensure their safe journey to the North West.  From there we have helped coordinate their integration into the local area including working with Housing, DWP, Children’s Services, Schools, GP Services and ESOL providers.

So far, one week in, the families have settled in with some already tasting the great English institution of fish and chips whilst others have got into the swing of English past times of gardening and talking about the weather!

We will be supporting with the next cohort of families in October and every 4 months thereafter so we hope that each family settles in as well as these first families have.