The aim of the Capacity and Access Payment (CAP) is to provide space, funding and license for PCNs to focus on making improvements to help manage demand and improve patients experiences of access, so patients can access care more equitably and safely prioritised on clinical need. It also supports the accurate recording of general practice activity so that improvement can be data-led.

The CAP will be in two parts: the National Capacity and Access Support Payment which will be paid in monthly instalments and the Local Capacity and Access Support Payment which will be assessed against the PCNs improvements in three areas with a maximum payment of £1.185 per the PCNs Adjusted Population as of 1 January 2023.

The Local CAP will consider on the following three areas:

  1. Patient experience of contact – including GPPS (for preparation rather than a measure of improvement), Friends and Family Test, PCN ability to analyse and act on feedback, overall strength of the improvement plan, local surveys and information from PPGS..
  2. Ease of Access and Demand Management – cloud-based telephony, effective usage of online consultation systems and usage per 1,000 registered patients.
  3. Accuracy of Recording in Appointment Books – self certification that all practices are recording all appointments by relevant roles (for example ARRS), complying with categorisation guidance and ICB assessment of self-certification and triangulation with ICB GPAD dashboard.

The full guidance can be found here

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