CQC Compliance and Registration for NHS Primary Care and Community Service Providers

Navigating the maze of CQC can seem daunting especially with the launch of the new Single Frame Assessment in November 2023; endless paperwork, meticulous standards, and the constant evolution of regulations.

At DKJ, we understand that your primary goal is delivering exceptional care, not getting tangled in red tape. Since 2014, we’ve supported hundreds of NHS GP practices, primary care teams and community care providers across the UK with CQC registration and CQC compliance. And we can help you too.

Embracing CQC Compliance in Health and Social Care

CQC compliance isn't just a checklist exercise of regulatory requirements and making sure you have the right policies and procedures in place. It’s a chance to show the world how your high-quality care meets the high standards needed to provide safe, effective, and compassionate care to those who rely on them the most.

With DKJ, you'll find an expert CQC partner who cares deeply about not just achieving and maintaining CQC compliance but surpassing it too. With the needs of your organisation firmly in mind throughout, we'll cover everything you need to know about what CQC will look for, minus the jargon.

Successful CQC Registration Support

Starting a new primary care or community service? Our full registration process support eases you into the world of CQC compliance.

Our CQC experts help with preparing essential documentation such as statements of purpose, policies, procedures, and governance documents. We ensure you're not just ready but confident, tackling the registration process head-on.

For those taking the significant step to become a registered manager for your NHS service, we provide tailored support to you from start to finish. From applying for a counter-signed DBS to gathering the necessary references, you’ve got us every step of the way.

Proactive Mock Inspections and Assessments

Facing that new CQC Single Assessment Framework or a full inspection can be daunting when you’re running a busy GP practice or community hub. DKJ is here to change that with our proactive approach. Whether it's responding to a "requires improvement" warning or engaging in our rigorous mock inspection and deep dives, we help you view assessments not as hurdles, but as opportunities to achieve and maintain the quality of care your patients know you best for.

We personalise our CQC compliance packages to make sure they are tailored to your needs. We provide workshops, detailed documentation preparation, and implementation of actions based on comprehensive health checks. And we spread the responsibility across your primary care team, making compliance a collective achievement. Just as it should be.

Trusted By

We initially needed a CQC audit for a GP Practice which we had taken on under an APMS contract and contacted DKJ to deliver this piece of work in late 2019. Following the development of the CQC action plan, we engaged the services of Kiran Johnson to support us with all aspects of practice management including further CQC registration activities, finance, HR and business services for a further 12 months. We have been pleased with the level of support provided by DKJ and professionality, knowledge and expertise provided by Kiran Johnson in her role as an interim Practice Manager.

Dr D Kaushal

Broughton House Surgery, West Yorkshire.

CQC Compliance Software Powered by CQC Experts

CQC compliance can be complicated. But not with Pathfinder; our innovative digital tool for GP practices. Built with our partners at Redmoor Health, it simplifies your CQC healthcare compliance journey and helps you stay up-to-date and on top of CQC regulations with ease.

Case Studies for Healthcare Providers

We have a lot of experience supporting health and social care teams with their compliance. Read about some of our projects below:

Introduction & Problem

A GP practice based in East London contacted us to get help with their CQC registration for a New Provided and Registered Manager. They wanted to make sure they were following all the necessary steps, so they hired us to assist with the process.

The Process

The CQC registration process is tricky, but we made it easy for them to get through it.

We met with members of the practice, kept in regular contact, and helped them complete their registered manager process. Then we took care of all the paperwork that came next, including providing information for the manager’s interview. We also helped explain policies and procedures that were required, although we were not commissioned to complete these on behalf of the practice.

We were able to help the GP practice with their CQC registration process further by responding on behalf of them to any CQC queries and completing registration documents via the CQC portal including KLOES and Statement of Purpose.

The Results

Our assistance in getting the GP practice’s CQC registration granted was a great success, and we are happy to be able to work with them again in the future.

We believe that our services are valuable for any business that wants to get their CQC registration granted.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about what we can do for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

A hearing aid provider located in the UK approached us to help with their registration for new providers and registered medical practitioners (RM).

The Process

In addition to completing the registration process, we also helped them complete all policies and procedures.

To start off our work together, we met with the client’s management team to explain the processes they would need to follow in order to complete their registration. As they had not dealt with this process before, it was important that they had a clear understanding of what was required of them by the CQC. From there, we began working closely with them to help them get through each step of the registration process.

When we received questions back from CQC regarding some of their documents or policies and procedures (which is normal), we responded on behalf of the client so that they didn’t have to worry about it themselves. Additionally, when we ran into issues with getting through certain sections of their KLOES questionnaire (which is also normal), we were able to help them figure out what needed changing so that it could be submitted successfully.

The Results

Once everything was submitted successfully, it only took a few weeks before they received confirmation from CQC that both new provider and RM registration had been accepted!

The benefits of hiring a professional company to help with your CQC registration process are many. First, having a team that has the expertise necessary to handle the intricacies of the CQC registration process can help to reduce the time and effort required on your part, leaving you more time to focus on what matters most: growing your business. Second, a qualified company will be able to provide you with valuable insight into how best to proceed with each step in the registration process. Third, hiring a professional means that your personal information is kept safe and secure throughout the entire process.

Introduction & Problem

A Community Diagnostics Service approached us for help with their CQC registration. They work with the public and private healthcare sector to provide vital services to hospital trusts and patients by delivering tailored interim staffing solutions and managed equipment services.

The Problem

The client contacted us because they were being turned down for contracts due to lack of CQC registration, which was pausing their valuable service delivery to hospital trusts and patients. The CQC kept on rejecting their applications because they didn’t feel they needed to register as they worked within already established hospital trusts.

They wanted us to help prepare all the documentation for the new CQC registration application and provide advice on how to proceed.

The Process

At DKJ, we’re committed to helping our clients succeed. That’s why, when we were contacted about their CQC registration process, we jumped at the chance to help.

We prepared all necessary documentation for their new registration and produced new policies for them to meet CQC requirements. We also supported their registered manager with the registered manager application and countersigned the DBS process.

We held regular team meetings to give updates on progress and ensure that the work being produced fitted the needs of the service.

The Results

The results we received after helping with their CQC registration were very positive.

We submitted a full written explanation of the need for registration, which was accepted by CQC and led to the registration going ahead.

The clients are very happy with this outcome and are now able to focus on their work, knowing that they are compliant with all regulations.

We hope this case study has helped convince you that hiring a professional company to do a strategic review can help you make sure your company is where it needs to be.

Introduction & Problem

We helped a GP practice in Merseyside prepare for an upcoming CQC Inspection. The practice had a CQC inspection rating of ‘Requires Improvement overall’ and an inspection was imminent. The practice manager was looking for support to guide them through the preparation.

The Process

DKJ worked with the practice manager to create a comprehensive action plan for the practice. The process began with a series of Teams meetings and the use of a shared folder, which ensured there was just one version of documents and plans and that it was easy to share templates and examples.

Together we completed a comprehensive action plan through a series of guided conversations, noting where the practice met and could evidence standards and where actions or evidence needed to be put in place. The practice was also being supported through the local CCG, and our action plan was incorporated into theirs to avoid duplication of effort by the practice manager.

The practice received the inspection call as we came to the end of our project together, so we worked together to complete the pre-inspection document submission.

The Results

After the CQC inspection, the GP Practice was rated ‘Good overall’ after taking the steps we suggested to improve their practice management. They also received a number of positive comments from patients and staff.

The practice manager was very pleased with the result and said that DKJ’s approach had been flexible and supportive. She had an action plan she could continue to update, and she felt confident that this would help her practice maintain its good standing in the future.

Introduction & Problem

We were approached by a GP Practice based in the UK after a recent CQC inspection. The practice had recently been inspected by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), who found that there were some areas of improvement needed. The practice had already started working on an action plan to address the issues, but they needed help with how to respond to CQC and what kind of responses would be likely to get results.

The Process

To ensure that the practice addressed these issues, we met with our client’s business manager to discuss ways in which they could improve their practices. We advised them on further actions needed to address KLOE and discussed what would be required to ensure follow ups/ written procedures/ audits. We also added amendments to the file before reporting on an action plan to take to meet Health and Social Care Act 2008 [Regulation 18 and 12].

After reviewing policies and procedures we provided feedback on improvements or amendments that would need to be made before re-inspection by CQC could take place.

The Results

After implementing the recommended improvements, it’s great to see that our client has received positive feedback from the CQC. We are awaiting the final scoring from CQC and will share this with you soon!

Introduction & Problem

A highly rated GP Practice in London approached us as they needed help with their CQC registration after a recent partnership merger.

The Process

The team at the practice recently underwent a partnership merger with two other local practices and were looking for help with their CQC registration process.

We were brought in to help the team with their registration by reviewing the information they had already put in place, creating new SOPs where necessary, updating policies and procedures and adding new partners and locations.

The first step was to meet with the Business Manager and lead admin to discuss the service, then review the information input so far. We created SOP Part 1-4 together and made changes as we went along. The next steps involved reviewing policies and procedures, ensuring all information required was accurate (including KLOE), updating information onto the CQC portal, and adding new partners/locations with all relevant documents attached (e.g. contracts).

The Results

Applications to the CQC have been submitted, and we are awaiting the results.

Introduction & Problem

A community health service based in the South East contacted us to undertake a review of their policies and procedures to make sure that they were legally compliant, fit for purpose and CQC ready.

The Process

We initially met with the client to understand which of their policies and procedures were classed as mandatory and statutory within their sector so we could priorities the review.  Following this meeting, using our tailored policies and procedures digital tool, we reviewed over 105 policies and procedures checking for compliance.  Following this review we were able to provide a RAG rated list for areas which required immediate attention, those which required a few amendments and those which were compliant.  We finally updated all of those which required immediate attention and was able to share with the client a full set of up to date policies and procedures arranged by CQC Key Line of Enquiries.

The Results

Our assistance in leading this policy and procedure review was a great success, and we have been able to work with them again by providing a CQC mock inspection utilising these updated policies and procedures.

We believe that our services are valuable for any business that wants to get their policies and procedures compliant. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about what we can do for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

FAQs about CQC Care Compliance

CQC registration is required for all providers of health and social care services in the UK. It’s a legal mandate to ensure your services meet the standards of safety, effectiveness, and quality care.

Begin by visiting the CQC website to understand the specific requirements for your service type. You’ll need to prepare detailed documentation, including a statement of purpose and policies surrounding your care delivery.

Common pitfalls include underestimating the thoroughness required in the application documentation, not fully understanding the applicable standards, and inadequate preparation for compliance with those standards.

Familiarise yourself with the CQC’s Key Questions and prepare evidence that demonstrates how your service meets these standards. Regular internal audits and mock inspections can also be invaluable.

CQC are always monitoring your service and will decide whether they need to assess a specific quality statement based on risk to your patients/clients and/or staff. This can be through an unplanned assessment where they will assess specific Quality Statements such as Safeguarding or a planned assessment based on national priorities for example in GP Practices the focus is access. 

Don’t panic. Review the details of the notice to understand the areas of non-compliance. Prepare an action plan outlining the steps you’ll take to address the issues, and consider seeking expert assistance.

Digital tools like Pathfinder for GP practices or other compliance management software can help organise documentation, track improvements, and ensure ongoing compliance with CQC standards.

Yes, if you believe an inspection finding is inaccurate, you can challenge it through the CQC’s fact-check procedure. You’ll need to provide evidence to support your case.

Frequency varies based on risk assessments and previous inspection outcomes. Most services can expect an inspection at least once every two years, but those deemed high risk may be inspected more frequently.

The CQC website has comprehensive resources. Additionally, professional compliance experts like DKJ can remove the guesswork and heavy lifting to offer tailored advice, training, and support services to help navigate the regulatory landscape.

Need Help with CQC Compliance Requirements and Registration?