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Claire Leggett - Director of GPTF Projects & Practice Support, Derbyshire LMC

DKJ are always approachable and responsive to work with and have a multitude of programmes and service areas that they can deliver. GP Task Force Derbyshire has collaborated with DKJ for the last 4 years and we've always been delighted with the quality and knowledge of its facilitators. We keep going back to Kiran and her team as we feel we have built a strong level of trust between our organisations collaborating on training and development opportunities. Like GPTF, they understand and support general practice.

Clare Townend - Managing Partner, Calder View Surgery and Co-Chair, Curo Health Ltd

The DKJ team has helped us in several projects such as a strategic review of our organisation, bids for contracts and leadership appraisals. Up to that point, we recognised the need to do the work as a priority but struggled to find the time and lacked the necessary skills internally. Since we have worked with DKJ we have won several contracts and are looking to do some further work on strategy based upon the initial findings. We have also just got through a CQC inspection and been rated 'good' following a previous 'requires improvement' rating. DKJ have helped us to focus and provided us with the necessary support to strengthen our organisation and we look forward to working with them in the coming months.

Dr Bethan Rees - Clinical Director, Harpenden Health PCN

DKJ have helped Harpenden Health PCN Board to reflect on the way we work as three practices in a PCN in a positive safe environment. We are now progressing to a DKJ-facilitated away day to include all the GPs in the three practices to encourage more engagement and fulfil our mission in delivering holistic healthcare and promoting the wellbeing of our community. DKJ have given us the confidence to collaborate and make changes for the better.

Israel Silgram - Oxygen Housing

DKJ Support Services are extremely professional in their approach. They have taken time to listen to our needs and responded very quickly, putting together a well-constructed and comprehensive funding bid. We have been so impressed with their work and will continue to use their services in the future.

Dr Victoria Hoyle - GP Partner and Clinical Director

Kiran is fantastic- she reignited the enthusiasm and motivated our collective of GPs. She showed us what was achievable, her outside experience was invaluable and gave us a fresh perspective on how things could be done. As a result of her engagement, we recruited a number of staff, have a corporate structure in place and clear plans. She has extensive regulatory knowledge and has steered us - this includes a restructure of the networks, no small thing. She also has contacts with law firms and easy access to specific knowledge banks should she not know (although that hasn’t occurred yet).

Jayne Caunce - Practice Business Manager, St Helens

We have received our draft CQC report and we received Good in all areas! I wanted to let you know how wonderful the DKJ Associates have been – they are patient, knowledgeable, fantastic and inspirational teachers who have held my hand and guided me through the whole process. They are a credit to your organisation. Many thanks for the support. I will keep up with the action plans you have given me and the CQC chats.

Dr Indira Kasibhatla - Clinical Director for Thornhill and Dewsbury PCN

The DKJ team helped us with PCN contracts management, ARRS performance reports and IIF monitoring. Up to that point, we'd been struggling as we had no management support and some areas required attention within our PCN. Now we are feeling relaxed as we have our governance in place.

Helen Holmes-Fogg - Director of Strategy and Development, Redmoor Health

The DKJ team have supported the Redmoor teams in areas such as bid writing, practice sustainability, PCN hubs and advanced telephony in Primary Care. The programmes we were working on were quickly expanding, some needing subject matter experts which DKJ were able to quickly mobilise. With the support, the Redmoor teams have nicely progressed the programmes, had positive feedback and completed tight time limited submissions.

Paul Gomm – Practice Manager, Chapel Row Surgery, Berkshire

The CQC Single Assessment Framework webinar I attended, covered the CQC's plans and how this new framework is different to the CQC's previous inspection process. The detail was highly relevant and prompted me to explore with my colleagues and staff, the key areas for the CQC and the essential evidence the CQC will expect from our GP Practice. A great webinar and very thought provoking and highly recommended for GP Practice Managers and staff involved in the CQC Planning process.

Nargis Khan - Business & Financial Director, St Bartholomew's Medical Centre

The team at DKJ have been a huge support with planning our practice CQC requirements. We have, in the past, been struggling to put all the information together and this process has really helped. Now moving forward, we have the confidence that the tools provided will help us in preparing for our visit and also helping us through the process for our limited company CQC registration.

Danny Stone - Holly Health

The DKJ team helped us with understanding and sharpening our approach to NHS Primary Care, specifically the PCN landscape, by digging into the nuances of the different audiences, decision-makers and their motivations, as well as specific budget pots that are relevant to our business. Up to that point, we'd been largely on our own! We were very much in need of someone to validate, challenge and extend upon the work we'd been doing ourselves internally. Having a very well-positioned expert on-hand to guide us, with a fresh and objective perspective, has been invaluable to us! Now we can move forward with more confidence knowing that our strategies are better grounded in the day-to-day realities of our market. We have tangible, executable plans and we look forward to putting them into action very soon!

Tom O'Brien - Clinical Director, SAPA 5 Primary Care Network

The DKJ team helped us to develop a coherent vision for the PCN. Up to that point, we had been overwhelmed, firefighting issues as they arose. Now we have a strategic plan for the PCN, allowing our work to be more effective.

Penelope O’Hara - South Westminster Primary Care Network Business Manager

Sarah has been an absolute pleasure to work with. I found Sarah to be very professional and approachable throughout the process of supporting us with our CQC registration. Even when we were faced with a couple of challenges along the way she always remained calm and worked out a solution to the problem. Please pass on my heartfelt gratitude to Sarah – without her I could not have got everything done so quickly.

Dr Cynthia Das - Clinical Director, University Health Service, Sheffield

Like many PCNs, we were struggling to formulate a plan to implement across our network in order to satisfy ourselves that we had covered all aspects of the DES contract, from board governance and the partnership agreements through to what we needed to do to deliver other aspects of the contract such as the IIF indicators. We were discussing this with other network staff in the City and someone recommended DKJ. Having explained to DKJ what we were struggling with, Kiran @ DKJ suggested that we undertake a 'stock check' to identify those areas which we needed to focus on. Kiran worked with us on this and it resulted in us having a structured approach to those outstanding areas that needed attention. We have now worked through the stock check and are satisfied that we are on track with all aspects of delivering against the PCN DES. We were very impressed with Kiran's approach, which was professional and supportive. With her help, and using her framework, we now feel that we can manage the requirements of the contract effectively. Thanks Kiran and DKJ!

Sarah Ellingworth - Hatfield PCN Business Manager, Ephedra Healthcare Ltd

We used DKJ Support Services through March to June 2023 to help us with 2 procurements. These procurements overlapped and our federation knew that we would need professional assistance to ensure that we could meet the submission deadlines. We had never used professional bid writers before and we chose Damian and DKJ as we felt they would be closely linked to us and would get to know our business well and therefore be able to present our case in the best possible light. We did not want to have some distant bid writers that that working on our business case that we didn't meet at interview stage - procurement timetables are tight enough as they are - we didn't want to keep explaining our business to lots of new team members in a short space of time. We had a direct, personal relationship with Damian and he fitted in seamlessly with our procurement demands - even when the procurement timetable kept changing. Damian had regular catch ups over Teams so we always felt synchronised and that we were all working well together. The quality of the bid writing was excellent and Damian helped us stay organised. He was very familiar with NHS requirements and helped direct us when we needed to collect information. We really valued the quality of his work and the personal contact. We successfully won both bids. We would not hesitate to use DKJ again.

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