CQC Mandatory Training

Choose our team of experts at DKJ to train you and your team in statutory, mandatory and bespoke CQC training which ticks the boxes for CQC and your organisation. Delivered from the perspective of health and social, but also with plenty of inspiring examples from other industries, you can be assured that we cover everything you need.

DKJ offer a range of practical, affordable courses that cover essential topics like regulatory compliance, staff responsibilities, effective communication, and leadership skills. Our goal is to help your clinic stand out by providing safe, compassionate, and high-quality care.

Clients tell us they love how our training rolls theory and practice into one whilst also giving you and your team the time and headspace to focus on those key areas which will benefit your organisation.

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The CQC Single Assessment Framework webinar I attended, covered the CQC’s plans and how this new framework is different to the CQC’s previous inspection process. The detail was highly relevant and prompted me to explore with my colleagues and staff, the key areas for the CQC and the essential evidence the CQC will expect from our GP Practice. A great webinar and very thought provoking and highly recommended for GP Practice Managers and staff involved in the CQC Planning process.

Paul Gomm

Practice Manager, Chapel Row Surgery, Berkshire

Find a CQC Training Course for You

Learn all about the CQC’s latest assessment framework, preparing your organisation to meet these standards with confidence.

An interactive course to ensure your staff fully understand their roles and responsibilities under CQC regulations.

This course, available as a live session or via video, focuses on improving the essential communication channels in your organisation that CQC check as part of their assessments. Delivered with our comms partners at Primary Care Comms Clinic.

  • Infection Control Training
  • Health & Safety Training
  • Using Chaperones Training
  • HR Basics Training
  • Safeguarding Training
  • Customer Service Training
  • Resilience Training
  • Handling Difficult Conversations Training
  • Conflict Management Training
  • Equality & Diversity Training
  • Improving Patient Experience Training
  • Encouraging Whistleblowing and Speaking Up Training
  • Using Social Media Training
  • Making Information Accessible Training
  • Defining Your Vision and Values Training
  • Business Planning Training
  • Planning for the Future Training
  • Introduction to Finance Training
  • Improving Quality Training

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