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    Health & Social Care Experts in Compliance and Bid Management

Bid Writing Consultants | DKJ Support Services

We are bid writing consultants specialising in bid writing and compliance for the Health & Social Care sectors. Health & Social Care compliance and bid writing can be time consuming. Winning new work. Meeting compliance. It’s all part and parcel of the job if you work in health or social care. If you need a hand with it all, DKJ Support Services are here to help.

Never worry about missing out on new opportunities for work or funding again. Here at DKJ, we coordinate and write winning bids for our health and social care clients every week and can help you mobilise and implement your new services too.

If compliance or CQC registrations are giving you a headache, you can rely on us to take care of it from start to finish. Since 2014, DKJ has helped clients to get registered, conduct mock inspections and set up and review all the paperwork, policies and procedures needed to provide safe, effective care. We leave you free to get on with what you do best.

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  • Top 5 tips for bid writing

    For companies, tendering for new contracts can be very time-consuming. That is why many companies seek the help and guidance of expert bid writers like ourselves. For those, that want to tackle bid writing for themselves, here are our  Top 5 Tips for bid writing from our professional bid writers: Choose a contract that is…

  • Dementia Services – Inclusive For All?

    There are approximately 25,000 ethnic minority people – I don’t like the term BAME – with dementia and it is estimated that this number will increase 7-fold by 2051.  This figure made me think that should my parents – both Indian – require some information or support should they start displaying signs of dementia who…

  • Bid Writing Tips: Case Studies and Scenarios

    There has been a noticeable increase in commissioners requesting details of how bidders would respond to certain scenarios.  Although it is certainly not the case that these are more common than more standard questions, the increase in scenario-based questions points to the tender process maturing into a new phase. For example, a previously awarded contract…

  • CQC – Past, Present and Future

    We know that CQC is changing so it may be a good time to reflect on what CQC looked like in the past, (well 12 months ago!), now and what it may look like in the future or at least from Spring 2021.  The Past  Up to a year ago, CQC visited registered services and undertook an intensive site visit…

  • Making the most of your ARRS yet?

    In the February PCD Primary Care Network Manager’s Huddle, the discussion focused on making the most of the primary care network ARRS workforce.  At the Huddle we chatted about which roles had been recruited and which hadn’t and the heavy expectation that despite Covid, each PCN should have used their ARRS allocation to recruit the…

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DKJ helps health and social care organisations to win work and meet their compliance requirements so that more people can benefit from good health and social care. We’re a family-owned business based in Hull and help businesses large and small across the country, supporting their teams and taking away the headaches of paperwork and processes, every step of the way.

For more information please do not hesitate to contact us at: info@dkjsupportservices.co.uk