CQC Compliance and Registration for Private Clinics

DKJ is proud to partner with private clinics, doctors and consultants of all shapes and sizes looking to get their CQC registration sorted or CQC compliance in check.

DKJ has been the cornerstone of CQC support for a diverse range of healthcare providers, including private clinics like yours. Nothing makes us happier than helping small but dedicated medical teams take care of their CQC registration and compliance, leaving you to worry less and focus more on the exceptional care and treatments you do best!

  • Cosmetic surgery clinics offering invasive surgical treatments
  • Family planning clinics
  • Medical practitioners
  • Private dental practices
  • Private GP practices
  • Physiotherapy clinics
  • Slimming clinics and weight management
  • Travel vaccination clinics
  • Vasectomy clinics

CQC Compliance Partners You Can Trust

For private clinic owners, CQC compliance goes beyond mere tick boxes. It's about assuring your patients of the safety, efficacy, and quality of your care which is paramount as a private provider.

Partnering with DKJ means aligning with a team that is not just about checking those boxes but boosting your clinic's standards to exceed CQC expectations with ease.

We’ve been proudly helping new private healthcare entrepreneurs create their dream practices and clinics since 2014. ​

Complete CQC Registration Support

  • Preparing your documents: From your statement of purpose to intricate policies and procedures, we tailor every document to reflect the uniqueness of your private clinic, ensuring you're not just prepared, but confident in your CQC registration.
  • Becoming a registered manager: Stepping into the role of a registered manager can be daunting for a small private clinic owner. We smooth out the process, assisting with everything from DBS applications to gathering necessary references, ensuring you're fully equipped for your newfound duties.
  • Proactive Preparation for CQC Assessments

    Adapting to the rigours of regular assessments from the CQC can be whole new territory for some private clinics, especially when you're trying to manage the day-to-day demands of patients, appointments and staffing. DKJ transforms this challenge into an opportunity.

    Prepare with our mock inspections, team training and tailored compliance packages so you can easily keep on top of your CQC obligations and enjoy the clinical career you always dreamed about, with less boring paperwork to take care of.

    Need Help with CQC Compliance and Registration for Your Private Clinic?