New Year, New Us….some of you may know that we aren’t a new business and are entering our 7th year however you may not know who we are and what we do. 

DKJ Support Services is a family-owned husband and wife business, Damian and Kiran Johnson hence the name DKJ.  We have over 20 years’ experience working in health and social care and in 2014 decided to take the plunge and set up DKJ to help health and social care organisations with the ‘boring stuff’ although we know some of our clients actually don’t think the stuff we do is actually boring! 

Kiran is the main the blogger (hello!) but Damian will chip in with his thoughts too – rather like our home life. 

So, what do we do?  We are health and social care experts specialising in compliance and bid management.  Compliance covers a lot things including CQC registration and mock inspections, equality, diversity and inclusion, health and safety and learning and development.  Everything we do makes sure that you can meet CQC requirements and get on with your day job.  Some of the projects we have worked on recently include: 

  • Completing mock CQC inspections for over 25 GP Practices in South East England, making sure that their policies and procedures were up to date. We looked at everything from PAT testing to sepsis training to business continuity plans to recruitment. 
  • Helping several clinical businesses such as women’s health, pharmacies and community services register their services under CQC with us completing the forms, writing all the policies and procedures and supporting the Registered Managers through the interview process. 
  • Worked with health and social care public sector organisations and community groups and populations to make sure that such services are accessible and that these communities can access these services, for example BAME women’s groups being able to speak with sexual health services to get contraception and gypsy and traveller communities being able to access a dentist. 

We also provide end to end bid management services.  We work with health and social care businesses to find the right contract for them, help them write the bid, help with mobilisation and implementation – this means help businesses set up the service when they are successful in their bid – and evaluate tenders if they don’t win so that lessons can be learned for next time.  We are also a critical friend for many businesses, having a read through their tender submission and making sure it is the best it can be. 

One last thing, with Agencia, we are co-founders of Primary Care Direct a consortium of professional services supporting general practice. 

Now you have read this, did you know that this is what we do?   

Get in touch with us if you want to know more. 

01482 643108