November 2023 Newsletter

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As we move towards winter, there is so much still happening in general practice including the roll out of the new CQC Single Assessment Framework with key dates for practices between now and February 2024, looking ahead at what is in store for PCNs after March 2024 and how to begin preparing for the unknown.

We have our free CQC and PCN Chats where we will be discussing this as well as anything else you would like to talk about and this month we have a Masterclass focusing on the Future of PCNs on 22 November 2023.

Knowing that now is a good time to take stock of where you are as a PCN, we are also offering free PCN Health Checks focusing on PCN governance, the DES, IIF and CAP and your workforce plus anything else that comes up!

As always at DKJ, if you have any questions please get in touch with us any time!


Primary Care Networks Manager Chat

Monday 6 November 12.00-12.30

Come and join other PCN Managers and Practice Managers from across the country chat about all things PCN at our free PCN Chat which is held on the first Monday of the month.

During our October PCN Chat we discussed:

• Covid Vaccinations

• Use of different online consultation platforms and pros and cons of each

• Recruitment and retention issues of ARRS roles

• Pay awards for PCN staff

Want to join our next one on Monday 6 November at 12pm?

Masterclass: The Future of Primary Care Networks

The future of PCNs past March 2024 is still relatively unknown although there are strong indications that they will continue one way or another.

Working with numerous PCNs across the country, we are seeing PCNs looking at what their future holds and they are focusing on:

– Workforce Planning and making sure that their workforce is fit for the future.

  • PAN PCN models and working at a larger footprint. 
  • PCN and PAN PCN limited companies and becoming corporate.
  • Focus on leadership at a wider a scale.
  • Moving toward working in Integrated Neighbourhood Teams.

Does this look like your PCN?

Join our Masterclass on Wednesday 22 November at 13.00 where we will be discussing PCNs past March 2024 and the five key areas to consider when planning for the future. 

CQC in General Practice Chat

Join our free CQC in General Practice Chat on the last Thursday of the month where practices from across the country chat about all things CQC.

At October’s CQC in General Practice Chat we discussed:

• The Single Assessment Framework and how this will work in practice.

• Staff Immunisations and missing vaccinations.

• Update to Mythbusters 12, 55, 61 and 99.

• Hot Topic Inspection Themes for the 5 KLOEs

• DKJ most frequently asked CQC questions.

Fancy joining our next CQC in General Practice? This will be on held on Thursday 30 November at 9.00am (a Zoom link will be sent the day before).


Free PCN Health Check

We are working with over 130 PCNs nationally, supporting them with a wide range of issues including:

  • PCN Governance – Network Agreements, Data Sharing Agreements, PCN Board Terms of Reference and Succession Planning
  • DES, IIF and CAIP Monitoring and Progress
  • ARRS Workforce Planning and making sure that you are maximising your budget.
  • Planning for April 2024 – looking at Integrated Neighbourhood Teams and how to prepare for a PCN.

During November and December, we are offering a free 30-minute PCN health check where we can discuss these matters as well as anything else you would like to chat about.

If this is of interest, please contact

Digital and Transformation Managed Service for Primary Care Networks

We are thrilled to be delivering another service with our friends Redmoor Health – the PCN Digital and Transformation Managed Service.

Our PCN Digital and Transformation Managed Service (DMS) brings together a multi-disciplinary team of primary care specialists and digital technology experts to support your PCN with Digital Improvement and Transformation and PCN Management. So what do we do?

• Support your PCN leadership team to understand current national and ICB asks.

• Hand hold you through the implementation of digital requirements and initiatives such as the Capacity and Access Improvement Plans.

• Guide and support staff and leaders to understand and make the most of the practice and PCN tools.

• Advising, guiding and training to shape your digital health provision roadmap.

• Complimentary access to the PCN Profiling tool, Digital Maturity Index.

• Provision of PCN Management including workforce planning and meeting contractual requirements, where required.

With funding options available through ARRS, Modern General Practice Transition or CAP funding, we can work flexibly to meet your local needs.

Fancy a chat about how we can support your PCN through this service? Get in touch

Work with Us

Are you looking for project work and have worked in health and social care?

We are pleased to be looking for more Associates to work on national projects and provide interim support to primary care and social care organisations. We are especially keen to hear from experienced bid writers who have worked in the sector and would like to pick up some project work.

If you have experience working in primary or social care, we would love to hear from you and have a chat with you about how you can support us with our growing portfolio of work in these sectors.

If you are interested, please drop us your CV or a short personal statement to our Operations Manager at

We look forward to hearing from you 😊

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