Passionate about Primary Care

If you are looking for operational support, development or project management, you’re in safe hands with DKJ.

DKJ and its associates are proud to support general practice and primary care, especially at a time of such high demand and pressure. Our team dont just talk the talk; they walk it too.

Kiran is a PCN manager and our associates all work within the sector, so they are best placed to offer you practical, tried-and-tested approaches to your mightiest challenges.

DKJ can help you with

Primary Care Targeted Support

General practice and primary care network interim capacity support focusing on general management or specific areas such as increasing uptake in cancer screening.

Primary Care Network Roll Out

Governance arrangements, network agreements, board development and effectiveness, premises reviews, ARRS workforce planning and retention and operational help, including finance and HR.

Integrated Care Systems and Board

Supporting primary care and clinical directors embed themselves within their system.

GP Federation Development

Diagnostics on current position and planning for the future including income generation opportunities, repositioning and rebranding, contracting as well as federation development 'from scratch’.

Project Management

Setting up and developing primary care networks and community services including HIV clinics, practice management of GP practices, development and delivery of PCN leadership development programmes and extensive ARRS recruitment programme across networks.

Case Studies

We have a lot of experience supporting general practice and primary care teams. Read about some of our projects below:

We have proudly supported numerous primary care networks in their development. From support to set up initial memberships and develop relationships between the members to ensuring network agreements and schedules are robust and meeting DES requirements, our support has been unparalleled. More recently, we’ve supported networks with their ARRS recruitment, helping them embed the roles within their respective PCNs and delivering the DES and IIF requirements as standard.

In 2021, DKJ facilitated several workshops with primary care networks (PCN) with the aim being to develop pan PCN projects utilising the Additional Reimbursable Roles Scheme (ARRS) funding.

The workshops have covered a magnified look at the patient population and health inequalities across all four PCNs, determining commonalities and key themes, understanding the roles currently employed by the four PCNs and what roles they would require for any such pan PCN projects. 

At the end of the workshops, DKJ have been able to develop a pan PCN strategy focusing on a specific and agreed project which all PCNs have signed up.

Our clients have found the facilitated workshops informative and useful as by having an independent facilitator has allowed honest discussions to be held.

In 2020, following our help supporting a GP Practice with their CQC documentation, we were asked to support their team for a further 12 months acting as their practice manager whilst a new one was recruited. 

We provided full practice management support including line management, HR functions, updating of employee contracts and refreshing policies, procedures and processes. At the end of the 12 months, we had recruited, onboarded and embedded a new practice manager and had improved and secured a goodCQC rating for the practice.

From 2016 to 2020, we were commissioned by a private organisation, that provided services to the NHS and social care sectors, to act as their Recruitment Manager.  The role was an interim role as the organisation had grown exponentially and required expert support whilst they managed this growth. During the interim period, we recruited over 500 staff delivering 89 NHS and social care contracts through refreshing the recruitment and onboarding processes, ensuring employment checks were robust, proper induction and training was provided and contracts were delivered by the best staff within the sector.

In 2021, using the Resilience Funding, DKJ was commissioned by a group practice to make sure their practices were CQC compliant including ensuring that their registration documents, partner details and statement of purpose was up to date.  Following this, we have been requested to undertake a mock CQC inspection following the new process to ensure that the practices are CQC ready.  Our DKJ associates have also supported the practice in getting their house in orderby having a deep dive look at their finances, HR policies and procedures and ensuring legal requirements such as the Partnership Agreement is up to date. 

In 2022, we have worked with a large GP Federation to understand their vision for the future.  As part of this work, we met with over 30 key stakeholders from all sectors including community services, CCGs and member practices to understand their perceptions of the Federation and how it best works for them and how they hope to work with the Federation in the future.  Following these conversations, we have been able to feedback to the Federation Board and create a plan for the future.  This work is still ongoing.

In 2021 DKJ were commissioned to support PCNs with providing strategic support to the network.  As part of this work, we have ‘deep dived’ into ascertaining the current position of the PCN in terms of PCN arrangements such as Network Agreements, Vision and Business Plans, Finances and use of funding, ARRS roles, DES assurance and IIF performance as well as 3rd party contracts performance.  From this we was able to develop an action plan and help with implementing some of these actions to make sure that the networks are ready for the new financial year.  This work is still ongoing.

In 2022, we have supported a large GP Practice in the North West with setting their vision and strategy for the future.  As part of this work, we have met with the individual GP partners to understand where they feel their practice is in terms of finances, service provision, workforce and premises and where they hope to see their practice in the next 12 months, 3 years and 5 years.  By meeting with the Partners individually ensures that honest and open conversations can happen and that key themes can be picked out to create a joint vision.

Dr Sandeep Rai, GP Partner and Chair of KPA Federation.

Kiran is fantastic- she reignited the enthusiasm and motivated our collective of GPs. She showed us what was achievable, her outside experience was invaluable and gave us a fresh perspective on how things could be done. As a result of her engagement, we recruited a number of staff, have a corporate structure in place and clear plans. She has extensive regulatory knowledge and has steered us - this includes a restructure of the networks, no small thing. She also has contacts with law firms and easy access to specific knowledge banks should she not know (although that hasn’t occurred yet)

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