Redmoor Health, the organisation behind the NHS England Digital Journey Planner and DKJ Support Services, the multidisciplinary primary care specialists, have announced a new partnership to help primary care leaders to provide the future of general practice, today. Bringing together the digital expertise of Redmoor Health and the extensive primary care experience of DKJ, their aim is to transform healthcare, enhance access, improve outcomes, and create a more efficient and sustainable health landscape for both patients and providers.

Whilst the benefits of digital transformation are apparent, the implementation of effective systems continues to be a challenge. When the ARRS announced that it would cover the cost of the Digital & Transformation Leads, the aim was that this would reduce pressure on GPs by providing systems to streamline service delivery, optimise online services and reduce the admin burden while maintaining quality of care and improving accessibility for patients. However, every PCN has different priorities and requirements from this post, and the skills needed are broad, requiring a complex mix of experience from digital expertise, strategic awareness to understanding operational excellence. Whilst this is a high-level role, the last thing a practice needs is an individual promoting top-down solutions that add pressure to existing practice staff. This is a function that should add value to the practice – and continue to add value as effective digital progression and service transformation is achieved.

“This is where the combined offer of Redmoor and DKJ can make a real difference,” says Helen Holmes-Fogg, Director of Strategy at Redmoor Health. “Thanks to the skills and reach of Redmoor Health and the hands-on experience of DKJ, the ability to ease pressure and add value is enormous.”

 “Our aim is to shape the primary care landscape into something more efficient and sustainable for practices, and more accessible and comprehensive for patients, so that everybody can have access to the right care at the right time”, says Kiran Johnson, co-CEO of DKJ Support Services.

Their collective ARRS-compliant Digital Managed Service provides PCNs with access to a team of not only digital but primary care delivery specialists, a dedicated Digital & Transformation Lead to attend PCN meetings to support priorities and lead on actions, staff coaching, as well as access to the wider Digital team skillset. They provide tools to help PCNs meet requirements on improvement planning, effective internal and external comms including social media, embedding online patient services, improving patient access, system optimization, enhanced delivery outcomes and workforce retention. With training and future planning expertise, they can assist with the facilitation of clinically led innovation and effective adoption of service and digital developments.

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