Need someone to walk you through all the things you need to know to manage and lead your PCN but were too afraid to ask? Our Trusted Partners at Not Just a GP are there to answer these questions.

Their popular ‘Everything You Need to Know about Being a Clinical Director’ and ‘Everything You Need to Know as a PCN Manager’ programmes have been designed and delivered by experienced Clinical Directors and PCN Managers.

Whether you’re already in the role or considering becoming a CD or PCN Manager, Not Just a GP knows there’s so much to think about.

– How can I get member practices bought in?
– What is happening in the next financial year?
– What are the tax implications of surplus income?

This programme is designed to answer these questions and much more and is based on popular questions from other clinical directors plus our own experiences in the role. You never know – you might find you are more than a clinical director in this role!

Choose from the following sessions or attend all six:

-The nuts and bolts of being a clinical director
– Understanding the PCN as a business
– PCN and clinical director finances
– Getting to grips with the legal and HR side
– Developing your team and taking your PCN to the next level
– Clinical director peer support and coaching

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